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Ecrit par Earnil, le 09-10-2007

Vous trouverez une nouvelle video de TR ici, celle ci vous presente la prison de Torcastra , et vous donnera donc une idée de ce qui vous attendra lors de vos aventures à partir de Novembre Image

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Ecrit par Leybi, le 02-10-2007

Tabula Rasa est officiellement reporté :


Many of you have heard my mantra for game development: "Stable, Fast, Fun. In that order." We need a little more time to make that happen.To this end we are moving our Pre-Order headstart date to 10/30/07 and our commercial service start date to 11/2/07. This short but critical amount of time will give us time to address several issues including stability and balance as well as allowing our players to test the continent of Ligo (L38+) and our major changes to crafting for a few weeks rather than a few days. Our entire development staff feels this extra time is needed as does our beta community. We feel confident that this extra time will make a difference on launch day.

That said we are excited about launching the game and moving into a "live" environment where the entire future of the AFS is ahead of us. Expect more posts from Richard Garriott, Paul Sage, and other dev staff over the next few days as they discuss plans for elder content and content updates both long and short term. One of us will also be posting to the website every Friday in order to directly address your feedback, which you can submit via the Feedback Form found here on the website.

See you in game as we wrap up this final leg of testing and get ready for the end-of-beta blow out!

Starr Long


La sortie officielle est donc repoussée au 2 novembre, tandis que l'accès anticipé grâce à la précommande est repoussée au 30 octobre, ceci pour tester les zones haut levels (le continent de Ligo, zone 38+) et les futurs changements majeurs sur le système de craft.
La beta continuera donc jusque là !

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Ecrit par Proteus, le 30-09-2007

Vue sur, une annonce sur le contenu et les bonus du Pack de Précommande de Tabula Rasa. Il est question, entre autre, d'un accès complet à la beta, d'un accès anticipé de trois jours avant l'ouverture officielle des serveurs, la possibilité de gagner 10 jours d'accès au jeu gratuits, des objets exclusifs, des emotes spéciales.


Pick up the Pre-Order Bonus Pack and start blasting the Bane today! Available in-stores everywhere and at the PlayNC® Store, the Pre-Order Bonus Pack will grant you full-access to the beta servers and a 3-day head-start on the final servers before they go live on Friday, October 19, 2007. The Pre-Order Bonus Pack will also unlock access to exclusive in-game items, including the Shell Bot and Pine-Ock pets as well as two distinctive character emotes (/Rave and /LogosFist).

AFS recruits who pre-order Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa and play during the beta are eligible to receive 10 days in addition to their first month of subscription beyond the time included with the full retail box activation*. To receive your reward simply (i) play the beta, (ii) have a level 15 or higher character on our beta server by 11:59pm (Central Time) on Friday, October 12, 2007, (iii) purchase the full retail version of Tabula Rasa and (iv) pay for a minimum of one month of subscription or activate with a valid game time card by February 15, 2008 in order to be eligible for this offer. In addition, your level 15 or higher character must be on the same game account that you apply the pre-order and full retail serial codes to.

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